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Two busy weekends in a row! Well, more like three!

This weekend I’m going to totally strip down all my bookcases and re-do them. 

Next weekend I’m going to see the DBZ movie, Battle of Gods at the cinemas!!! I’M SO HAPPY THEY ARE SHOWING IT IN NEW ZEALAND, THANK YOU MADMAN!

And finally, the weekend after I’m meeting with my good friend! We haven’t met up since a decent couple of weeks. (Actually, more than 4 months ago.. woops.) 


Oh and… I’m waiting for 4 packages!!! All but one containing manga! YAY!

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I bet you didn’t see that coming ;)

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“It’s not that special to be honest.” And I was quiet. Taking a deep breath I almost whispered “It’s the future.”

“You mean you’re something like a fortune teller?” he asked excitedly and louder than I expected.

“What? Hell no I’m not!” I sighed. “It’s not like I know what’ll happen tomorrow or in 20 years. No, it’s more like a feeling I get when I see a person. Oh and I only see the impact they will have on my life. So sorry, I can’t give you the answer to life and everything.” 

I kinda wrote something???? It’s a au with people having special abilities. Jean POV.

I’m not sure what to do with it so here may it bring you joy. And dont ask for context. There is none.

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I’m so tired…

So very tired…Q-Q

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Expectation vs. Reality

not sure what is worse

removing all of the sex scenes altogether


this thing they are doing

Seems like lately there’s been a lot of weird color-changing censoring in anime.  What is the reason behind it?  Love Stage and Tokyo Ghoul are good examples.  I’m not upset just curious: what’s the point of all this censoring, why bother showing the anime at all?

As has been mentioned several times before: the Tokyo Youth Ordinance (enacted late 2011, hence why stuff like Junjou Romantica is relatively explicit; because it came out before the law) bans anything deemed “harmful” to youth, so animation and publication companies must walk on eggshells to avoid running afoul of the law. It’s bullshit, and leaves us with this.

but they still allow hentai right?

On TV?????? uh, no. they don’t.

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Cartoon characters’ first appearances versus most recent appearances.

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How guys take dick pics

where is the lie?

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Don't touch the goods Kisumi
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I recently re-watched all 4 seasons of Natsume Yuujin-Chou, and anyone who knows me in real life is probably very sick of me weeping about how beautiful it is. And how much I want to adopt the protagonist. If you haven’t watched it, and like supernatural anime (especially the Japanese youkai/folklore variety) , its very much worth a watch. 

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Yamazaki Sosuke (*´∀`*).


Yamazaki Sosuke (*´∀`*).

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Free! :: Sexy Boys 

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Well aren’t I just a big ball of happy colours and smiles

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kaji kun,so handsome!